Anything worth doing will have struggles. But anything worth the struggle is worth doing ~ Megan Finsel

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sooo Guess What!

I got a response letter from a publisher!!
(she sang very off-key)

    Remember the manuscript I was scrambling to send off last November? Well, yesterday I received a response to that proposal but I didn’t recognize the letter so I didn’t even open it until late last night, lol! But I’m still thrilled cause they used the envelope I provided, and to get that you have to open the package, which most likely means they read my manuscript!!
And here I thought they forgot about me!
Or it got lost!
Or they just weren’t gonna respond!
But the Lord never forgets anyone.

    My book was, sadly, rejected but that’s ok because I realized that particular manuscript wasn’t my best work and I have High Hopes for the one I’m currently revising, but I’m still excited because they still read my novel and their rejection letter was positive and encouraging (for a rejection anyways).

    Its funny how a rejection could give you hope, I mean, when someone tells you “No” and turns down your dream you can’t let it deter or hinder you. Some of the best artists tried a hundred times over before they got their big break.

    So I won’t give up! I can’t, not when I’m this close, not with an idea as good as the one I’m nursing right now. I won’t, my determination is too great and the desire is too much to contain.

This was just the Lord redirecting my path.
Because some doors He opens,
some doors He closes,
others He locks.

And somewhere He has left open a window and all I have to do is find it, boost myself up and slip through, and when I do watch out!!
Cause this author is coming to a bookstore near you!