Anything worth doing will have struggles. But anything worth the struggle is worth doing ~ Megan Finsel

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Slayer of Typos

All she could hear as she trudged through the forest was her own raspy breathing and the metal scrape of her sword dragging in the dirt behind her. This is too hard, she thought to the tune of her throbbing pulse, I’m too weak, fatigue tugged on her eyelids, I must rest. Her limbs were quaking with exhaustion, her entire body was throbbing from that last battle; she was battered and bruised with little hope of victory anytime soon.
    There were just too many, too many Typos, too many ogres and witches to be battled; these woods were full of them and she, she was only one knight!
    But I can't stop! I mustn’t! Her mission was not yet complete and these woods were not yet safe, so quitting wasn’t an option. Would her mentor quit? Never. Would the great Knights of Knowing give up? Not this close to the end, not this close to the sunrise, she knew.
    From behind she heard her horse lazily following, felt his warm breath on her lower back through her chainmail.
    Up ahead she looked and saw through the trees only more trees stretching out and away off into the thick, soupy night. She had been walking for hours but sleep was far from her overworked mind. There was too much to do, an enemy could appear anytime, anywhere…
    Just then, a twig snapped behind her!
    She swung around, sword drawn, flashing moonlight, slicing mist.
    Show yourself! She glared into the night, but only shadows stared back.
    Suddenly, a branch shook to her right. She spun around and looked up... into glowing yellow eyes!
    Flapping wings, flashing claws, she let out a gasp as the beast descended upon her!
    Her horse let out a wild scream, which mingled with that of the enemy.
    Without hesitating, she swung her sword and caught her attacker in the wing. Upon contact, light flashed and the Typo shrieked as it disintegrated into dust! Her sword passed through smoke.
    Our knight stood there for a moment, heart pounding, lungs wheezing, arms shakily holding her sword at the ready. But no matter how hard she scraped the darkness she could see no others. Finally, she relaxed her stance, took hold of the reins, and led her horse on.
    The work of a Revising Knight is never complete; she thought as she sheathed her weapon, that is why I must continue! Even though it was hard, even though it was tedious, even though she was achy and hurting, she had to keep going. She had to vanquish the wretched Beasts of Mis-Take who were haunting the woods of this rough draft! Only 46 pages, she told herself, only 46 more pages to go.
    They had just trekked around a bend and turned to face the East, when she lifted her eyes and noticed that the darkness was breaking.
    Dawn had arrived!
    Finally, she smiled dreamily to herself as she stopped where she stood and gazed off through the trees between which she could just see the horizon. There, the sun was rising, fracturing the dark, banning the shadows, and casting long golden rays between the trunks. Grinning into the light she drank in a cool, soothing breath of dewy pine air and thought, this is possible.
    Now all she could hear, as she stood there in the misty light, was the pound of her determined heart and the birds in the canopy above her greeting the sunrise. There is hope, she mused to the tune of a dove, because I am strong, adrenaline opened her eyelids, and I can do this. I can and I will finish this mission! I will not stop…
    Just then, there came a wild scream and flapping wings behind her! 
    Dropping the reins she unsheathed her blade and swung around.
    Yellow eyes flashed!
    Her sword sliced the sunrays…