Anything worth doing will have struggles. But anything worth the struggle is worth doing ~ Megan Finsel

Poetry Corner

The Beautiful Truths about You
The world whispers in our ears some days
“You’ve got to look this way…
Size six, top picks, lipsticks…
It’s our highway.”

And it makes you think:
“I’m worthless, fat, ugly…”
And we struggle to meet the standards of “high society”

But underneath all the noise and mayhem a voice is insisting “Ignore them.”
It says:
“There’s more past your reflection…
There’s more to this perception…
So ignore the world’s deceptions…
For there is beauty in imperfection…”

Because every hair, God gave you, every toe and nail, He made you
And you’re perfect in His eyes

This, this is what He says:
“You’re beautiful, just the way you are
You don’t need youthful fountains or facial creams
You shine brighter than any star
And deserve to chase your dreams
You’re strong and pretty, lively and witty
And I love you the way you are.”

I think:
Sometimes we just need a little reminder
Sometimes we need to believe those truths
You don’t need to look too deep to find her
So just go be that beautiful you!

Copyright 2011

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Goodness Comes…
We can't go through life expecting, wanting, wishing, without anything to give. Wasting life away, working it like a sieve. Goodness comes to those who give not those who take away. So think about those around you, and appreciate each day. 
Copyright 2011

Re: Heaven’s Txtin'
Just thot I’d txt, been missin u
 I kno ur busy, u kno how u do
Just wanna say ur luved
& that day/by/day I’m watchin 4m abuv
So call me if u need 2 chat
Sorry there’s no app 4 that
Just letrs in my book
Theyr there if u need some RNR
& remmbr I’m not 2 far
BTW: I paid the pri$e
To: You
From: Jesus Christ
11:38 PM 2/8/11

Copyright 2011 


Just like You
Father, lead me so I can lead others. Teach me so I can be a teacher, too. Help me to help my brothers, because I just want to be like You.
Copyright 2011


What is Bravery?

Bravery is in the eyes of sickly children, fighting for their lives.
Bravery is in the tears that soldiers weep, as they bid goodbye their wives.
Bravery is in the couples’ hearts as they say at last ‘I do.’
Bravery is in telling someone ‘I love you’.
Bravery is pulling close the ones that you hold dear,
And bravery is believing, that no matter what God is here.
Copyright 2011


Home Is…

Home is the heart not the here,
It's the now not the near.
It's the love that you give,
Not the place that you live.
It's the people you care for,
Not the house past the door.
It's the friends that gather,
Sharing thoughts and laughter.
Home is…
Copyright 2011