Anything worth doing will have struggles. But anything worth the struggle is worth doing ~ Megan Finsel

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The True Essence of Summertime

Picture this: You’re sound asleep in bed when you’re awoken by a warm summer breeze sneaking in through an open window. You sit up and stretch then glance outside to see through the gauzy dawn light the surf breaking on the local shore. Your heart starts to pound as the wind rustles your bed sheet and you smile; it’s another summer morning in paradise! So you fling off your blankets and launch to your feet, the tile cool and sandy against your skin. You slept in your swimsuit so you just grab a boogie board or surf board or some other kind of board and head out the door and as soon as your toes hit the sand, still cool with night, a thrill rushes through you cause you know today is a day of possibilities, of adventure, of absolute, total freedom!
That is the essence of summer.

    This is my most favorite time of year, when it’s 100 degrees in the shade (no really, it’s felt like 105 here all week) and a pool is your best friend and the words: math, quizzes, studying and tests aren’t in your vocabulary. Doesn’t it feel like school starts way too early? I think summertime should last year-round! Wonder who I should talk to about that? …………

    Anyhow, nothings better than kicking back at the beach on a hot sunny day with a good book, a lounge chair and condensation dripping down a cool can of ice tea.
    Or a noontime ride on your horse, bareback, with a hot, dry wind in your face.
    Or an evening barbeque with your family and mama’s sweet potato French fries.
    Or even a movie night with friends in the A/C, the TV turned up loud.

    Sure, I like the cool winds in autumn, and who doesn’t love sweater-season, and that first crisp spring morning when you can finally take your bike for a spin. But there’s just something about summertime, something that’s as invigorating and familiar as the aroma of sunscreen.

It’s a freedom, I think,
the knowing that this summer is yours
and the next few weeks can be whatever you want to make them
and you can be whoever you desire to make yourself.

The possibilities are truly endless!
To me, when I hear the waves of adventure crashing upon the shore, it says it’s time to grab my swimsuit and go meet with my Friends because it’s just another day in sweet, summer paradise!
Hmm, maybe that is the true essence of summer.

Come on, don’t be shy,
What do you think is the true essence of summertime?