Anything worth doing will have struggles. But anything worth the struggle is worth doing ~ Megan Finsel

Friday, September 30, 2011

It’s Coming!!!!!

Oooooo I’m so excited!
    Ok, remember that new positive segment I’ve been chatting about all month??? Well, I’m calling it:
                      Glass Half Full
and it premieres

                                        next week

on October 3rd!
That’s next week,

   October 3rd,

Glass Half Full,
premiering right here on Nutmeg!
In case you missed that:

Glass Half Full, the new upcoming positive segment, is premiering right here, on Monday, October 3rd, 2011, on Nutmeg, right here, on…

Alright, alright,
you get it.
Lol, breathe, Meg, breathe!
    This is so exciting!
    So I’ll meet you here on Monday, October 3rd for the first of hopefully many posts in the Glass Half Full segment!  Until then, we’ll just wait in anticipation and I’ll go try to relax!
See you then and happy reading y’all! J

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Special Truth

    So, I was wondering: what do you consider special?
    I think sunrises are special, masterpieces in a gallery are special, friends with whom you can share anything at all are special, and family heirlooms passed down through the generations… now that’s special. 
    Hey, do you count yourself as special?
    Well, you should!
    Because you are! Jesus made you special; from the color of your eyes to the shape of your grin you’re special both outside and in! Just like the sunrise, a treasured friendship, or heirlooms. So for those of you who don’t feel special today, who feel ordinary, tarnished or plain. Please know this:

God made you the special you that you are,
And He loves you right now just how you are,
Which is an especially beautiful truth!

Friday, September 23, 2011

What's the Happiest Meal of the Day??

Heyu, guess what!!! 
We've found another reason to smile!
This naturally-occurring smiley-face is compliments of my awesome sister who’s joined the smiley-face-hunt
 you gotta see this!!! 

So just scroll down to “Reasons to Smile” and find out why
JBreakfast is the Happiest Meal of the DayJ

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Each Ogre has a Silver Lining

Life is full of Ogres and Trolls (you know, those trying times when it all just feels like too much to handle?). Sometimes, it’s hard to find that silver lining, that one good thing, that reason to be positive, especially if you’re living in a difficult situation or enduring a physical, mental or emotional struggle in your life. It’s hard to look at anything besides the problem which seems to constantly hover in front of your face.

I’ve been there.

I’ve been on both the mountaintop and in the valley.
I’ve wandered the wilderness and experienced the hardships that life can throw.
I’ve been on both sides of the operating room (on the table and in the waiting room)
 I’ve lain in bed wondering: “how on earth did I ended up here?”
And: “will I ever have a reason to smile again?”

    Staying positive can be hard sometimes!
    However, to each ogre-ish situation there’s always a silver lining, a happy note, a positive angle with which to view a situation. If I learned anything from my own hardships it’s that:

There’s always a reason to hope!

And that’s the nervous system of my new segment!

    Coming this October is a segment of posts meant to remind us all that even in our darkest hour a little light can and will shine through a keyhole. There’s always a reason to stay positive, and I’m taking it upon myself to find it and write about it! So start the presses and let the good news roll, as I post about
             Good events

                           happy thoughts

daily encouragements

while just trying to find that silver lining and the brighter side
to all the Ogres and Trolls!

Cause, believe you me, there is always a reason to stay positive.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


 Today's the day!!!! Today is a very special day! Not just because it’s the day the Lord has made (although we should still Rejoice), or because the sun is shining and the skies are warm and blue (which is all true). But……….
                     Wait for it……

Today is Nutmegs birthday!

    Yep! A year ago today Nutmeg became more than just a crazy concept cooked up by my twisted imagination. A year ago, I was sitting at my computer just like this at 11:41pm trying to get up the nerve to go online and make my first post.
     And I’m so glad I did! 
     Did you know in the 365 days following September 20, 2010 Nutmeg has had over 1,000 hits??! Yeah! 1,000 of you clicked on, liked or followed this blog! How awesome is that? What a blessing, I mean, that’s 1,000 lives that have been hopefully touched or changed by God’s healing word! That’s 1,000 of us coming together through the power of Christ over something important: each other. Now that’s a reason to celebrate!!!

So let’s get this party started!
Break out the balloons and the streamers!

Wait, where’s the piƱata?!?
And crank up the music!
Cause today is a day not only to celebrate when this site was born,
It’s a day to celebrate you, the readers!
So I have to say:
First, thank you Jesus for taking me this far.
Thank you to all of you who’ve read The Calligrapher's Casanova,
and my Poetry!
Thank you all who’ve followed along as I attempted the two-month Once Upon a Time Challenge!
Thank you everyone who’s ever liked or #1-ed,
my posts and pages!
And a big thanks to all of you 1,000 Followers,
and random passer-by-ers!

Without you, I honestly would have no reason to do this;
Youre not only my motivation but my inspiration!!

    So let’s get this party started and make today your day, whether it’s your actual birthday or just another un-birthday, take a moment and celebrate yourself! Because you truly are the best readers in the entire world and I think simply being you is a good enough reason to celebrate! Here, I’ll start:

Happy birthday to you!

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Beautiful Reason to Celebrate!

Go ahead and celebrate yourself everyday! You don’t need an actual reason; just celebrate how awesome you are! Celebrate how beautiful you are! Celebrate your accomplishments, whether it’s as big as an A+ paper or as small as a chore you've checked off your to-do list. Celebrate, whether or not it’s your birthday, because someone as wonderful as you deserves to be honored more often than just one day a year! So go ahead and celebrate every big (and little!) thing that makes you the beautiful you that you are today! Cause you alone are a pretty good reason to

Friday, September 16, 2011

Beneath the Surface

Once upon a time there lived a Mayor of a small town, so small there was only one high school, one church, and one supermarket. They were positioned on a pristinely groomed plot of land, far from any major city, in a secluded corner where excitement was a foreign language. Nothing ever happened here and that was just how they liked it.
    Until the day she came to town.
    The new girl was unlike anyone this quaint town had ever seen. What with her wild hair dyed an array of unnatural colors, her attire mostly consisting in shades of black, and her use of eye-makeup which was enough to put a peacock to shame! She was rough and unrefined, absolutely everything they weren’t. At one time she must have been a pretty little girl, the Mayor found himself thinking but he disregarded that thought and figured, we'll probably see her doing community service soon.
    One afternoon, the Mayor was taking inventory of the town's treasury, a disappointing and somewhat alarming task that left him scratching at his balding head. The town had fallen into disarray over the past 100 years, leaving many homeless and hungry, but they hadn’t the money for repairs. Gulping, he allowed himself the luxury to wonder, what is a mayor to do?
    Just then, there came a knock at the door. Exasperated, he went to answer but was appalled and slightly taken aback to find the newcomer standing there on his doorstep!
    Gazing up at him through her multicolored bangs, she blinked false eyelashes and held up a gray, misshapen rock which was probably the ugliest thing he’d ever seen. “For you,” she pressed the rock into his palm, “for the treasury.” 
    The Mayor scoffed at the insignificant gift, looking at the dirty, crusty, unpolished rock which she probably just plucked from a stream! Then, meeting her eyes again, he sniffed, “and how do you expect this ugly thing to save my suffering town?”
    “Well, you see…” she began, but the Mayor held up a hand.
    “I don’t have time for this! Now kindly remove yourself from my doorstep!” And with that he shooed her off his property, colorful hair, ugly rock and all.
    As she was walking home, the Misfit bowed her head and ran a fingertip over the craggy surface of her rejected gift. Suddenly, sunlight winked on gold, and she smiled sadly at the little hinge which the Mayor had overlooked. Gently, she pried at it and the ugly rock slowly creaked opened.
    It was utterly hollow but far from empty, for the inside of the ugliest rock the Mayor had ever seen was encrusted with beautiful purple crystals; delicate spires of glass-like quarts that shimmered and glimmered in the late noon sun! Worth more than gold or jewels the priceless stone was the rarest gift of all and she thought with a sigh, if only he’d taken the time to look beneath the surface.
    Just then, there came an awed gasp beside her and she looked down into the dark, round eyes of a little, dirt-smeared beggar boy. “Thet sure is perty!” He whispered, peeking into her hands at the gem, then up at her face. “Jest like you.”
    Smiling sweetly at him the Misfit knelt down, wrapped the little boy’s fingers around the rock, and sighed, “thank you for actually seeing.”
Copyright 2011

People aren't always what they seem to be upon first glance; it's our own quirks and personal traits that make us as unique as rocks in a riverbed. Some of us may be a little rougher-looking than most, but inside, if you're willing to look beneath what’s on the surface, you’ll find qualities that shine as bright and rich as crystals!

Matthew 7:1-2
Do not judge, or you too will be judged.
For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged,
and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.


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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spill-Proof Sippy-Cup Thinkers

How do you see life?

Are you the “glass half full" type?
Or maybe “glass half empty”?

When life gets too hard or situations too rough
our half-filled glass springs a leak and suddenly looks
Too empty
(Believe me, I know, I've been there).

Then we start thinking: “why me?” and “what if?” and “how will I ever go on?” (yah, I’ve been there, too). Each day becomes a struggle and Staying positive? Forget it! That’s an even bigger struggle.
Or is it?

    This is the concept behind that new idea I was whispering about last week! It’s hard to stay positive when times get tough or situations get rough; it’s difficult to smile when you’re face just wants to frown or the rain is pouring down. But, sometimes, we just need to be reminded that Good things still do happen.Sometimes, our leaky cups just need a little duct tape for us to see that the Glass really is Half Full!

Alright, that’s all I have for today
But just wait ‘cause all will be revealed soon!
Until then, happy reading y'all!