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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Spirit of the Red, White and Blue

        Hey y'all!!
   I know I've mentioned in past posts that this is my favorite holiday, and it is! I just love the festive colors, the fireworks, and the togetherness of family and friends joining to celebrate such an important day. So this year, here is my 4th of July prayer for our nation. You're welcome to pray along:

Bless the leaders of our nation.
Please give them the wisdom and guidance,
 To lead us in the years to come.
Bless our troops; the men and women,
Fighting for our freedom.
Please keep them safe, send angels to protect them,
 And bring them home soon.
Bless the firefighters and policemen,
Who face danger every day.
Please protect them as they lay their lives,
On the line for our safety.
Bless the nurses comforting patients in the NICU, 
And the doctors saving lives in the ER.
Please give them the energy and strength,
To keep performing their daily miracles.
Bless the stay-at-home Moms and the hardworking Dads,
Providing for their families.
Please give them the rest and strength they need,
To raise the next generation.
Bless the cancer patients fighting for their lives.
Please give them the comfort, bravery, and the strength, to keep fighting. Please provide a cure.
Finally, please bless our nation on this special day. Remind us, as we celebrate, that today is more than BBQs and fireworks. It's about family, about friends, and about freedom.


* God bless America *

Happy Fourth of July Everybody!!!