Anything worth doing will have struggles. But anything worth the struggle is worth doing ~ Megan Finsel

Saturday, November 26, 2011

7 Days of Thanks (Day 7)

Well, here we are, the last day of 7 Days of Thanks!! Let’s make it a good one. Hmmm…


I’m thankful for my readers!
Ya, I’m thankful for all of you who’ve ever read a letter of my stories, poetry or posts.

I’m thankful for every eye that has seen my work,
Every finger that has clicked on me,
And every Heart that has been touched by a Beautiful Truth.

You know, my creative inspiration comes from many different sources but there’s only one source for my motivation…


Because, without you I wouldn't really have a reason to post at all! You're why I keep typing away at my keyboard, scratching away with my pencils, and continually working my imagination. 

So thank you to all who’ve,
And liked my posts!

Without you, I wouldn’t be doing this.
Y’all are the best!!

There ya go, today: I am most thankful for you, my readers.

And so ends our 7 Days of Thanks!! And what an epic week it was! But you’re probably wondering “so what now?” Well, don’t worry, I’ve got some ideas (I always do, ya know) but you’ll just have to wait and see what I post next! For now:
Happy Holidays Y’all!

Friday, November 25, 2011

7 Days of Thanks (Day 6)

I’m thankful for my horse Lightning

We’ve come a long way from a little girl who had no clue what she was getting into and a chestnut pony without any spots, lol! But over the past ten years The Lord has certainly brought us far, and I can’t wait to see where He will take us next!

We’ve driven cattle,
Climbed trails,
Overcome unimaginable fears and difficulties,
Made a cross-country move,
Ridden in rain, snow, and suffocating Heat waves...

    We’ve recovered from a bad fall that had a difficult consequence but an awesome Happily Ever After (click here for our story). And, this might sound funny to anyone who doesn't work with horses, but: my horse has taught me so much!

I’ve learned about discipline,
and certainly patience.
(just to name a few)
Because horses tend to do that to you;
they'll show you sides of yourself that you didn't know you had.

 Lightning is very laid back
Always hilarious
 And  I love him with all my heart.

So today: I’m thankful for my horse Lightning.

Alrighty then, what about you? "So what are you thankful for?" Go ahead, share your thoughts and don’t forget to be right here, tomorrow, on Nutmeg, tomorrow afternoon, right here, for the final day of:
7 Days of Thanks!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

7 Days of Thanks (Day 5)

Happy Thanksgiving!

J Give thanks to the Lord for He is good J
His love endures forever!

I’m thankful today for every breath I take,
Every step I make,
Every Hug I get,
And everyone I’ve met.
I’m thankful for all that I can do,
And I’m thankful today for you!

Praying you have an AWESOME day,
filled with fun, laughter and Famil.
Happy Holidays Y’all!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

7 Days of Thanks (Day 4)


I’m thankful for Jesus Christ

I’m thankful that the Lord sent His only Son to take my place and die on the cross for my sins.

I mean, what a sacrifice!
What Love!
That He would do that for me is just amazing.
Him, the Holder of the Universe, the Maker of Man, a Prince who willingly came down to die for me, a mere peasant... I’m overwhelmed and speechless; I can’t describe my appreciation.
For, in truth, I don’t deserve what He did for me.

But He did it anyways because He loves me.

And you know what?

He loves you too.

He loves you so much, He came down and took your place,
He died for your sins,
All because He loves you!!
All the wrong that you've ever done He's forgiven you,
All the dreams you've ever had, He Believes in you,
And in Him you can do anything!

John 3:16-17
For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son,
that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.
For God did not send His Son into the world
to condemn the world, but to save the world through

So today: I’m thankful for Jesus and the sacrifice He made for us, for without Him we wouldn’t be.


Kk, what about you? "So what are you thankful for today?" Feel free to leave a comment aaaaaaaaand don’t forget to BE RIGHT HERE tomorrow for Day 5 of:

7 Days of Thanks

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

7 Days of Thanks (Day 3)

I’m thankful for healing

For God’s healing Grace,
and for His strength,
and the ability to overcome anything!

Maybe you know my story, maybe you’ve read my testimony, maybe you’ve been through something difficult and you know what I’m talking about. If that's so then I say:
“Welcome, you’re a survivor, too!!”

    But maybe you haven’t read my story, maybe you don’t know my testimony, and just maybe you’re going through a difficult time right now. Then perhaps you need to hear this:

I was born with a dislocated hip
It took four years of traction and body casts but Jesus healed me and
now I can walk!
Then, when I was ten, I was involved in a horseback riding accident;
I messed up my arm and injured my neck so it was another two years of traction.
But, again, Jesus healed me and now I can not only walk but ride!!
The whole ordeal was a true test of my faith and my belief.
It wasn't easy,
but I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.
I’m a stronger person because of what all I’ve been through,
and my scars make me who I am.

I learned there are no limits to God’s healing,
and it's the same for you too!

    So if you’re going through a hard time right now, please don’t give up hope,
cause God is working in your life, He really is,
and you’re gonna make it through.
I did.

There ya go, today:
I am thankful that God healed me and that I got to share this story again with you.

Soooooooo how bout it? "What are you thankful for today?" Go ahead and leave a comment (you know you want to) but don’t forget to be right here tomorrow for Day 4 of:
7 Days of Thanks

P.S. To read my whole testimony click here

Monday, November 21, 2011

7 Days of Thanks (Day 2)


Im thankful for my Friends

The Lord truly outdid Himself when He created my friends!

You guys are awesome!!!

    New friends, best friends, friends I’ve known since Kindergarten, friends I’ve known since birth; our circle may be small but we’re close and we love each other.

They’re the true kind of friends who you can call anytime,
who will do anything for you,
and I would do the same for them in a heartbeat.

They’re the friends you can laugh with,
cry with,
and laugh with some more.

Sometimes we’re crazy;
we do and say things that only we would understand,
(gotta love our inside jokes)
But we "get" each other,
and that’s what makes y'all so great!!
I luv u guys!! :)

    So today I'm thankful for my Friends.

    Oookay, what about you? "So what are you thankful for today?" Don't be shy, go ahead and leave a comment, oh and don't forget to check back here tomorrow for Day 3 of:

7 Days of Thanks!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

7 Days of Thanks (Day 1)

    Ooo boy, here we go, here's my first post in the 7 Days of Thanks segment!!! Are you ready? I am; lets get this party started!!
    So today:

I’m thankful for my Family
For my loving parents and a Sister whose like my best friend

   My Mom is my rock. She's the strongest, most inspiring person in the world; she is totally the woman Proverbs 31 speaks of!
    My Sister is one of my best friends; she’s one of the most loving, kindest, sweetest and funniest people I know!
    My Dad is amazing, he amazes me every day. He coaches me and teaches me; I can always learn something new from him!

    I know I can talk to them about anything and everything; they support my whacky ideas (even if they aren’t always great) and no matter how weird I am or how nutty I get, I know they love me.
    And I love them with all my Heart; I would do anything for any of them cause that's what being a family is all about.
    So today I’m thankful for my family.

    Ok y'all, I've got to ask: "So what are you thankful for today?" Go ahead, leave me a comment then check back here tomorrow for Day 2 of:
7 Days of Thanks!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Heads Up Y'all!

Aaaaaaaalllllllllright Nutmeg fans,

Can you feel it????
Autumn is in the air,
the house smells like cinnamon and cloves,
winter is hanging near

and you know soon it’ll be time to deck the halls

But first we'll sit down and feast, giving thanks for all the wonderful blessings which God has given us this year!

    You know what I’m talking about…


     Mmm, I can’t wait! There’s gonna be pies and cookies and basketball in the driveway, pies, board games, pies, laughter and lots and lots of family time! Oh yah, and pie!

    And this year, I’m doing something a little special.
    Wanna know what it is???
                                Do ya?

Ok then…

All Thanksgiving week,
I’ll be posting 7 things that I’m thankful for,
remembering the blessings which Jesus has bestowed upon us,
and asking the all important question: “so what are you thankful for?”
I’m calling it:
7 Days of Thanks,
And it starts Sunday the 20th!

So come on pilgrim (or Indian, whichever side you choose) and come have a cookie with me as we celebrate this wonderful time of year!

    Oooo I’m getting all nostalgic just thinking about it, lol! It’s gonna be AWEsome!!! I can’t wait, so I hope to see you right here
Sunday the 20th!

Until then, Happy Reading Y’all