Anything worth doing will have struggles. But anything worth the struggle is worth doing ~ Megan Finsel

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Did You Know Dreamers are Buoyant?

You’ll never know what could have been without risking what might be
and you’ll never know if you can fly if you never try.

    I learned this today.
    Its like : I’m standing in the boat, the seas buffeted by wind and waves and Jesus is beckoning to me from across the water and all I have to do is step out from this comfy, sheltered canoe and walk towards Him.
    You ever feel like that? Like, in order to get to your dreams you have to do something outside your comfort zone, which can be as scary as trying to walk across a hurricane-enraged sea?
    Knowing if you can fly is priced with risk (the risk of failing while trying to succeed). As I stepped out of the van today and walked across campus - like the Sea of Galilee - with each step I tried to remember that He was there with me, He would keep my head above water…
    But, sadly, I looked at the waves and doubts crept in.

    What if I sink?

What if I don’t?

    What if I fail?

Maybe I wont.

    Yet Jesus was there to pluck me out, to dry me off, to ask, “Why did you doubt?” (Matt 14:31) and He taught me something important today:

Dreamers float.

    “Everything is possible for him who believes,” (Mark 9:23) and even though it’s hard to resist doubts, I have to keep stepping out in faith, even if I fail. After all,, He has brought me this far…