Anything worth doing will have struggles. But anything worth the struggle is worth doing ~ Megan Finsel

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

    Want to know a secret? Sometimes, I stand in front of my bathroom mirror and all I see are the things that I hate about myself. It's like my imperfections just jump out at me and I'm like: "Oh gosh, does everyone see this, too?" and then these hurtful thoughts start running through my head and it makes me really sad.

    I don’t know, perhaps I'm the only one who does this. Or maybe we've all felt insecure about ourselves at sometime, or have been convinced of things about ourselves that aren’t true. Tell me, do others' opinions ever make you feel like this?:

I shouldn’t smile; crooked teeth need to be hidden.
Scars are ugly; skin needs to be flawless.
I’m not hungry; my waist band says so.
I should wear makeup; flaws must be covered up.
 I should wear contacts; glasses make me look weird.

    Why do we put so much pressure on how we look? I mean, we're meant to be snowflakes, not Barbie and Ken dolls; we aren't all made from the same mold! We look like us, unique and imperfectly perfect. We have frizzy hair, zits, braces and freckles; we don't look like the models in the magazines. And that's okay!
   Why would we want to? We shouldn't have to measure up to anyone else's standards. We shouldn’t be judged by what number is on the tag of our clothes or the color of our eyes, our skin, or our hair. Please forget what they've said; their words do not determine you. The truth is you look awesome just the way you are and that's fact!
    We shouldn’t judge ourselves, either. Why do we stare at our reflections and criticize every little thing? We don't deserve that! We should love the person in the bathroom mirror; that person looks great just the way (s)he is!

So to the girl hiding her smile:
Go ahead and grin, princess,
You never know who might fall in love with it.
To the kid who hates his glasses:
You know what, handsome?
Clark Kent and Peter Parker wore glasses, too.
To the young woman who hates her body:
Don’t listen to what the scale says, sweetheart,
It does not weigh your worth; you're beautiful the way you are.
    Let’s stop judging and hating how we look. We only have one body and it's perfect just the way it is! So the next time you walk by a mirror, why don't you stop and take a look at yourself, find three beautiful truths about you, and give yourself a smile. And remember: