Anything worth doing will have struggles. But anything worth the struggle is worth doing ~ Megan Finsel

Monday, November 21, 2011

7 Days of Thanks (Day 2)


Im thankful for my Friends

The Lord truly outdid Himself when He created my friends!

You guys are awesome!!!

    New friends, best friends, friends I’ve known since Kindergarten, friends I’ve known since birth; our circle may be small but we’re close and we love each other.

They’re the true kind of friends who you can call anytime,
who will do anything for you,
and I would do the same for them in a heartbeat.

They’re the friends you can laugh with,
cry with,
and laugh with some more.

Sometimes we’re crazy;
we do and say things that only we would understand,
(gotta love our inside jokes)
But we "get" each other,
and that’s what makes y'all so great!!
I luv u guys!! :)

    So today I'm thankful for my Friends.

    Oookay, what about you? "So what are you thankful for today?" Don't be shy, go ahead and leave a comment, oh and don't forget to check back here tomorrow for Day 3 of:

7 Days of Thanks!!!