Anything worth doing will have struggles. But anything worth the struggle is worth doing ~ Megan Finsel

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Day to Remember

This day, ten years ago, left tearstains on our history books as the events of 9/11 rocked newsstands and heartstrings from coast-to-coast, eventually becoming a symbol, a representation of America’s strength, bravery, and honor. It was a disaster in the happenings, but it was more than that. It was an opportunity for a country to band together, and now it’s a chance for us to remember.
    I was only eight. I didn’t understand then what had truly happened, I didn’t know really why my parents were concerned but when a parent is concerned it always makes the child concerned so I was upset. But I didn’t really understand the tragedy or how many lives were lost or what our nation was going through. I only remember sitting in our living room watching as the news played and feeling sad for all those people. Now, I have a bit clearer understanding of the tragedy and the unexplainable misfortune.
    Pain, inexplicable pain; fear of the unknown and for your family; shock and disbelief over whether or not this is really happening; and intense grief for the loved ones you might have lost… These are similar feelings that families must have felt that day, families with fathers or mothers or other relatives who may have been in those towers, or on-scene working to save lives, and too the kids who might have lost one or both of their parents in those buildings or on those planes. It’s tragic! And my heart goes out to you who were hurt and may still be hurting from that horrific day. But even though ten years is a long time memories never truly fade; the ones you loved and lost stay with you, they never really go away but continue on in your hearts and watch over you now from Heaven letting you know, every day, that you’re going to be ok.
    However, we are a strong nation and we pulled through the unthinkable thanks to the valiant efforts of the many brave men and woman and I commend you, heroes of Ground Zero! Thank you for all you did do and keep doing for us, laying down your lives every day so we may continue living ours. Your bravery kept us going, your strength carried us through, and now our world is a better place because of you!
    We might never understand why bad things happen, but 9/11 gave good opportunities for heroes to arise from inside average, ordinary people. It opened our eyes to how strong, how powerful, how wonderful our nation really is! It brought us together in our darkest hour, uniting us as one and showing us how deep the love for our neighbor really runs, reminding us, if anything, that together we are strong.

And although twas our darkest day in history
And the whys and hows remain a mystery
It will forever still impart
How love and loyalty could a person’s heart
Sacrifice itself to save another’s life
As from the ashes rose everyday heroes
These the ones who endured Ground Zero
But the hearts and souls and spirits gave
Of the lives and loved ones who were never saved
Remain cherished memories
And our reunion an aching reverie
Now even though you’re watching us from Heaven
We will never forget September 9/11
Copyright 2011

To all the heroes on that day,
And those we’ll get to see again one day,
We love you!
God Bless America :)