Anything worth doing will have struggles. But anything worth the struggle is worth doing ~ Megan Finsel

Monday, April 11, 2011

Upon a Time Once...

There was a young author who embarked on a Challenge.
A challenge to write!
                                                            A quest,
she embarked upon,
to complete 20 short stories in 2 months.

It was the curious question of “how many stories can she write?” which led her upon this quest, and, in the beginning, plots had blown in on the breeze.
    So as the days turned to weeks her fingers flew over the keyboard, and
and Genies
flowed from her fingertips onto the page.
    The stories were ripe and full of life, some short, some not-so-short, but all complete from Once Upon a Time to “The End”.

And she thought: hmmm, maybe I will actually hit 20!

    But now,
                    sweating ink,
she nears the end,
with 2 weeks left
and only 12 stories on her shelf,

the author is winded, wordless and wiped as she perfects every paragraph, considers every comma, but fears she’s hit a plateau.

The heroic young author doesn’t want to let even 1 of her readers down!

Thus, onwards she pushes, battling through writer’s block and writer’s cramp, while holding onto the saying:
“I can do anything in Jesus Christ who strengthens me!”
with hopes that the reward of victory will be oh so sweet.
    But, can she conquer the next 8 to complete the Challenge? Or has she mounted a Dragon she’s not quite sure she can fly…?