Anything worth doing will have struggles. But anything worth the struggle is worth doing ~ Megan Finsel

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Today’s the Day! Today’s the Day!
What day you ask?
If you don’t know, you can go back and reread everything under the label: "The Once Upon a Time Challenge" (see the list of Labels on the sidebar at right), but I’ll explain anyways: today is the last day for the Once Upon a Time Challenge! Two months ago today I asked the question:
“How many short stories can I write in two months?”
and I set the goal of  20.
    Now, the day has come, and the time has come, for me to put down my pencil cause time is up!
    I’ve had such a blast doing this. I’ve had the chance to experiment with Viewpoints I’d never have chosen, tango with characters I’ve never met and even tried my hand at writing a few children’s stories which I found I kinda sorta have a knack for! I would like to mention, before we get on with the festivities, that I finished another short story yesterday! (last minute, I know, but that's kinda my thing)
    I’ll bet you’re wondering what the grand total came out to be, hmm? Alrighty then! Here it is…
                                just a minute…
the grand total is…

(Just picture me opening an envelope) …
ummmmmmmmmmm ….
And the grand total is…

for the amount of short stories written in 2 months…
for The Once Upon a Time Challenge

The grand total……
LOL I’m just messing with you J

the grand total is: 14 short stories!

Yep, that’s right fourteen, not exactly the 20 I'd been shooting for but, hey, you know what this means, right? Because I didn't get it this time, I can do it all over again! Maybe next year… Ooo, there’s an idea! I can’t wait, but for now I need a break,
I’m thinking about a hammock.
beneath a shady palm tree,
and some sort of ice tea with lemon…

Ahhh, that’s where you’ll find me after today!
    But this has truly been a wonderful opportunity and I’m glad you came along with me. Don’t worry; this isn’t the last adventure because we still have that new segment coming up! You know, “The Beautiful Truths about You”? I absolutely can’t wait for that (starting May 1st)! But while I go work on my tan and celebrate, feel free to reread all the past posts from the last 2 months outlining my journey in the Challenge (just click on the segment's label on the sidebar at right)! Or, if you wanna read all the posts about the Beautiful Truths, click on the label “Coming Soon” and then be here tomorrow to get the gist by reading a brand new poem pertaining to the segment!
    Now where are my sunglasses…?

Last but never least a shout-out to my cousin, the birthday girl:
Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
I love you and can’t wait to see you again!
Happy Reading Y’all!