Anything worth doing will have struggles. But anything worth the struggle is worth doing ~ Megan Finsel

Monday, December 19, 2011

Second Reveal of Week 2

Ok, so you've had your first taste of my cinematography,
seen the first installment into The Video Vault,
And learned that My Dog can Sneeze on Cue (for those of you who haven’t seen it, no I’m not joking, he really can)
…and that was only week 1!
Now, welcome to Week 2 of Week of Reveals!

The next segment to premiere I’m calling:
Daily Art.

This segment is all about looking at the average world from a


Point-of-view as we take


that may seem ordinary
and give them an extraordinary spin,
making them unique to look at.

I’m really excited about this series ‘cause it’s going to give you a hint of my photography background while challenging you to view the suburban world in a whole new way!

It’s going to be life, rediscovered.

    So be here Wednesday the 21st to see what a splash of sunshine and a little Photoshop can do to a sink full of dirty dishes when I premiere the second segment in this week's Week of Reveals!
    Until then, happy reading y’all!