Anything worth doing will have struggles. But anything worth the struggle is worth doing ~ Megan Finsel

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Picture Speaks 1,000 Words

When walking across the sea of your to-do list it’s sometimes hard to keep your head above dishwater, but when you look at it from a new angle it’s amazing how average, everyday sights (things that might be ugly at first) can become beautiful with just the right point-of-view! This is what I mean:

The little, lacy bubbles
are my favorite part of this photo.
See 'em?

I love how the light
is pouring down through the window
and reflecting off the rim of the bowl!

I had too much fun editing this one.
Doesn't it look like an antique photo
from an old family album
you found in your grandma's attic?

Black and white has a traditional, elegant ambiance that I just love. This one enhances the sunshine pouring in over the faucet through the glass mixing bowl, highlighting what I think might be pancake batter, lol!

It’s amazing how something as simple as a stack of dirty dishes (which we usually dread) could actually become art with just a change of perspective. Maybe we can apply that knowledge to other areas of life, to take a situation that might seem ugly, look at it from a new angle, and see something completely different... maybe even beautiful! That's something I'll have to think about...

What to do you think?