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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring is in the Air


Do you feel that,

                        the fresh air,

                            cool breeze,

                                                                 (and for those of us living in the tropics)

that endless sunshine on your face?

Can you smell it,  

                                              that oh so distinctly-delicious,



aroma of week-long freedom?

Spring Break is in the air and, man, have I been enjoying the experience!!!

    Whether you’re in first grade, high school or even college, after working so hard for so long, the prospect of finally being free for however short a time is exhilarating.

So let’s get this party started!

    Break out the T-shirts and sunglasses, heft those shopping bags, and go hang out with your friends! Because that's what spring break is about, just kicking back and rewarding yourself for the good work you’ve done until now. It’s that little reprieve between now and summer break. It’s a chance to allow yourself to chill and get a little well deserved RnR.

    I, for one, have enjoyed spending a little time writing and painting, so you can expect to see some new stuff here!

So tell me, what epic plans do you have for your spring break?
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J Happy Spring Break Y’all!! J