Anything worth doing will have struggles. But anything worth the struggle is worth doing ~ Megan Finsel

Monday, July 4, 2011


    Oh boy, I’m so excited! Isn't this exciting? This is so exciting! Independence Day has always been the peak of the summer for me and it’s probably my favorite holiday, most likely because so many happy memories are linked to it. It’s… it’s… oh how do I describe it? Hold on… its like:

Running through the grass barefoot, picking blackberries and making pie,
sitting on a hillside watching man-made stars explode like supernova
painting patriotic feelings across the sky.

Its warm summer breezes combing your hair, playing kickball with your friends,

and having picnics with mAmA's mAcAroni sAlAd  and NAnA's bAked beAns.
It’s the time to celebrate that school has ended and summer has officially begun,

 to thank God that He’s brought us here from where we started from.

Its clear blue skies fading with sunset colors while the sun sinks, burning, into a cobalt ocean, the flaming sky anticipating night to begin and the festivities to ignite.

It’s running around a dark backyard with a sparkler in both hands, the sparks nipping the backs of your wrists; and throwing poppers in the driveway to watch them detonate.

Its cartwheels and trampolines, a good book and a hammock swinging,
shooting hoops in your driveway and playing catch on the beach.

But most of all its spending time with Family and Friends coming together
 to celebrate something which unites us all as one…

    That’s what The 4th of July is to me. It’s the gateway to summertime, the beginning of the fun… and it’s my absolutely positively favorite time of year!
    So let’s go have some running-barefooted-eating-blackberry-pie-warm-breezes-blowing-sparkler-burning-fireworks-exploding fun, y’all!
May God bless your day, and our wonderful nation!