Anything worth doing will have struggles. But anything worth the struggle is worth doing ~ Megan Finsel

Friday, June 3, 2011

Cowgirl Up!

When life knocks you out of the saddle, just dust off your jeans
and get back on.

    I realized this, thankfully, a long time ago but today I got to put it into action.
    You already know I love riding horses, and that I have my own horse, Lightning, and that a while back I had a pretty bad fall (see Four Reasons up on the toolbar for that whole story). Well, today I was riding Lightning, and something spooked him and I fell.


Accidents happen,
It doesn’t matter how well prepared you are
 and we are prepared
(I never ride without a helmet)
But accidents do happen.

    It was very gentle as falls go (which is an art; falling gently), I just kinda slid off. And Lightning was such a dear; he swung completely around and did everything he could to make sure I wasn’t under his hooves. It was just a freak accident, but God kept me safe and I walked away with only minor rope burn across five fingers and a bruised booty.

    But the point is, even though I fell,
I had to get back up.
    Immediately, I remounted and we went back through the gate where he spooked. And you know what?

We had an awesome ride after that!

    If you’re experiencing troubles in your journey today, don’t let setbacks, failures, or falls keep you out of life’s saddle.
Get up and get back on!
Because you’ll never know what you’re capable of if you stay there sittin’ in the dirt. Even if you’re afraid, get back up and do it through your fears because you can’t let even that keep you down for the count; you have to just
saddle up and keep riding.

There’s a saying in the horse world:
‘Cowgirl Up’.
It’s like telling someone “go on, keep going!” when they’re having struggles. So if you’re struggling today, I think I was meant to fall so I could tell you that you just gotta
Cowgirl (or cowboy) Up!