Anything worth doing will have struggles. But anything worth the struggle is worth doing ~ Megan Finsel

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thank You Lord For A…

   LOL, I can't believe  it's officially 2012!! 
Isn't it awesome?!

Aaaand while you're doing that, during the eating and the partying, you'll probably be, at some time, making your New Years Resolution!
    Aaand, you're probably expecting me to post mine tonight...
    Buuut, instead of a resolution, this year I'm doing something a little different... 
   I’m making a New Years Prayer!
    Sooo, go ahead, sit back with your fruit punch and enjoy, cause here it goes:

Thank you for this past year, for the all the good You’ve brought to us, all the blessing You’ve bestowed, all the challenges You’ve helped us overcome, and all the victories we’ve won! Thank you for good friends, family, food and fun. Thank you for new memories, for those little things that matter and all the precious moments we will never forget. Thank you for keeping us safe when times got rough and for never giving us anything that was too much for us to handle. Also, thank you for loving us every day, no matter what, even if we never knew it.
    Please, now, bless our nation in this coming year, bless our efforts and quiet all our fears. Please help those who cannot help themselves, give hope to those who have none, and help us to keep going even if all we want to do is quit. Please reunite those who have been separated, find those who might be lost, let the hurt stop hurting, the weak be strong, and the tired know that rest will come. And, finally, please teach us how to love each other, and give us all hope for a bright, happy future.
    Because I believe that You are good, and you have a good plan for us, so in the name of Jesus Christ I pray,

There you go! Hope you have an awesome night and wish you a...
Happy New Years Y’all! J