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Monday, August 24, 2015

The Truth about Beauty; the Definition of "Beauty"

    Previously, we've covered the definition of the word "pretty", so today we are going to look at the definition of the word "beauty". According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word "beauty" refers to the quality of a person that is pleasurable, or particularly graceful, or of excellent quality.

    However, this definition for what is considered beautiful has evolved over the years, and women in particular have struggled the most to fit into that definition. Magazines and social media have instilled in us the preconceived idea that our weight has to be under control and our makeup has to be on point to be acceptable; that flawless and perfect are what is considered beautiful. But we need to stop allowing society to set the standard for what "beauty" should be.

     We can tend to hate our bodies, and sometimes punish ourselves, for not looking right. This can lead to disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and self-harm (not to say it is the main cause of these struggles, but it can be one of them). We are hurting ourselves for not being able to fit that preconceived definition. But why, why should we accept these predetermined standards? Why don’t we set our own?

    I wanted to share the video below, because I think this girl, Madeline Stuart, is absolutely amazing! She is making the media reconsider what they originally thought about Downs Syndrome (for more information on Downs, click here). As a trend-setter, she is redefining beauty and the conventional way we think towards our outward appearance; and I think that is wonderful.

     "Beauty" doesn't need to be defined by society; we can stand up and define it ourselves. These preconceived standards are a hindrance; thinking that our looks, our clothes, and our appearance in general determines whether or not we're beautiful. It is up to us as individuals to rewrite the definition! Because our thighs, our hair, our eyes, our personalities, everything that makes us unique, fits together like a puzzle, so we can say: "I'm my own definition of BEAUTY."

So what do you think?
How are you defining the word "beauty",
and do you think you fit your own definition?

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