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Friday, August 14, 2015

The Truth about Beauty; Bullying

     One of the many results of societal pressure concerning beauty standards is bullying. Although our acceptance in society shouldn't be based on our looks, our physical appearance still seems to hold a form of value. The first thing we notice about someone oftentimes is how they look, how they're dressed, or unique features that stand out about them. But bullying someone (or being someone who is bullied) because of his or her appearance is unbearable. We can tend to judge a person on how they look or dress, and it can lead to bullying behavior. It says here that children who are seen as different, overweight, underweight, or who wear different clothes, are more likely to be bullied.

    And it's not just people bullying other people, but also people can bully themselves. If we're standing in front of a mirror listing everything we think is wrong with our bodies, that is a form of bullying! Judging someone based on how they look is a narrow mindset, and judging ourselves the same way is damaging. Our looks shouldn't predetermine our acceptance! Furthermore, what others say and think about us does not determine who we are, and certainly not what we are worth.

    Bullying is a problem that effects both genders, all age groups, and every social class there is in this world. It comes in varying degrees, and stems from many different reasons besides beauty standards and body image. It is a world-wide problem that needs to be resolved, but I'll continue that train of thought in another series.

    If you or someone you know and love are being bullied for whatever reason, don't be afraid to reach out for help and speak up about what is going on. It's not wrong, cowardly, or shameful; you do not deserve to be hurt. I'm going to post some helpful links and resources for you below and I pray this helps.

Websites, Helplines, and Articles:


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