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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Palm Tree Press

Book reviews:

Putting Her Heart into Ink
By the esteemed book critic: Nutmeg!


hat would you do if you had the power to read a book out loud and draw the characters out of its story? What would it be like to read aloud and actually hear fairies whispering, giants’ footsteps, or the creak of Captain Hook’s pirate ship? To see the flames of a fire-eater or really feel like you’re standing on the beaches of Treasure Island? What if you could call out your favorite hero, or even the villain?

    Well, that’s precisely what Cornelia Funke suggests in her book Inkheart. What a saga!! I couldn’t put it down and when I did I felt like I had fallen out of that world. I still suspect the fairies are in my bedroom, peeking from inside my lampshade or perched on my computer screen. Then, when I closed the book, it was like I could turn around and see a fire-eater following me. She did a great job of twisting reality and fantasy (which we all know I love). She breathed life into the story.

    The story of Inkheart is about a girl named Meggie and her father Mo, who has the ability to read aloud and draw characters out of his favorite books. But they learn it’s not a talent to be taken lightly, when Mo happens to read one of the evilest villains out of a rare book (also called Inkheart) and suddenly both their lives are in peril.

    Isn’t that EPIC!?!

     Cornelia packed this story so full of characters (who I didn’t want to say goodbye to) and they were so lifelike! Laced with back stories and ulterior motives and… well I don’t want to give tooooooo much away ;)

    There were some dark parts and a few dark characters, but even the dark parts have their place. 

    However, Cornelia’s writing style was simply scrumptious – full of lively similes and beautiful descriptions – It was very smooth to read which I enjoyed.

    In 2009 the story of Inkheart was brought to life on the silver screen and YES I saw the movie, too! It was very nicely done and really brought the magical aspects of the story to life. But it didn’t follow the book as much as I would have liked, which is my biggest pet peeve (when a movie done after a book doesn’t follow the author’s plot). Only because of that, I think the book is better.

    The story of Inkheart, the magic, and Meggie’s bravery prompts you to just try and read something aloud to see what you’re capable of. For me? It was a perfect read for a rainy day! And I’ve already started the sequel Inkspell so expect a review ‘cause it’s already equally as enchanting!!!!!