Anything worth doing will have struggles. But anything worth the struggle is worth doing ~ Megan Finsel

Friday, June 1, 2012

And Today I Give You 10 Reasons...

So it’s been one of those weeks,
You know,
The type that leaves you feeling just absolutely drained?
Now we're on the brink of the weekend and today it’s dreary, rainy and overcast.


    I don’t know about you,
                                but I’m tired of feeling beaten and worn out.
 No more exhaustion,
                                                                                                      no more stress,

     and no more dreary moods! 

It’s time to look for that silver lining, cause I miss smiling.

    So today I’m posting a list of ten things – in no particular order – that'll make us smile (after all, a smile is the best cure for a bad mood). Let’s put on some favorite music (TobyMac, Britt Nicole and Taylor Swift anybody?) and get our happy on!
Here we go:

1 When your crush meets your eyes
from across the room
and you share that special smile
reserved for only the two of you

2 going to the beach with your friends
racing down to the water
and letting the cool froth
rush up over the tops of your feet

3 eating an ice cream cone
(pick your favorite flavor —I love mango)
that's melting over the edges
and getting your face and hands all sticky
4 driving with the top down
the wind in your hair
and your bare feet up on the hot dashboard
5 swinging in a hammock
on a cool breezy day
with a good book in your lap
and the sun shining down between the leaves

6 a family cook-out on the patio
basking in the summer twilight
With Nana’s baked beans, and sweet corn on the grill
7 laughing so hard with your friends
that it brings tears to your eyes
and makes your sides ache in that weird way
8 sitting on a blanket with your family
on the 4th of July
watching as the night sky explodes with color  
9 dancing around my room
to my favorite song
while still in my pjs
and singing into a hairbrush

10 knowing that no matter what I’ve done Jesus forgives me and will take me back, despite my sins and my wrongdoings. He always understands me and accepts me just the way I am. He loves me.
That’s enough to make me

Ahh, I feel better. How about you?
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