Anything worth doing will have struggles. But anything worth the struggle is worth doing ~ Megan Finsel

Friday, October 1, 2010

   Did you know that words are amazing? They’re powerful, artistic, and sometimes life-changing.

(compliments/happy thoughts/ good news)

or tear


They can paint a picture, like scenes in a book, and they’re so versatile; they can defy all creative boundaries. If you think about it, they’re almost magical for words can trigger emotions and thoughts, change opinions, and make you think outside you’re creative mental tupperwear.

    It’s fun to think that if our daily life were narrated like the monologs you read in a book, then our every action would be described by words.

“thoughtfully she typed upon her keyboard as she made another post, pausing now and again to contemplate the worth of her subject, while snacking from a nearby can of cashews”.

Now, my cashew addiction aside, this is a good example of how words can narrate a situation. I love doing this; it’s a wonderful writing exercise (like a living daydream) and it’s great for breaking through a bout of writer’s block. It’s like chicken soup for a writer’s cold!

    But because words are such a great powerful force, it’s also an important responsibility and we have to use them to build up, not tear down. That responsibility comes with the talent; to be able to wield a word is like wielding a sword, you can’t take back what you’ve done just like you can’t take back what you’ve said. It’s a great burden, but it’s one that I enjoy.
    It’s cool to be able to put a smile on someone’s face or make a day seem brighter just by using words. It’s like being superhero with super powers – the power of the pen!

You know what?
We should make it a habit to make someone smile every day -- at least one person -- be it through a compliment or an action. Because it’s nice to be nice; and we have the power to change a life with our words.

I think that’ll be my project - using the pen to make smiles!

    You know what else? High school may teach you how to analyze sentences, build the foundations of a story, and measure poetry (which is great and even if you don’t think it, yes, you will use it in the real world), but they don’t really show you the joy that words can bring. I guess we need to discover that on our own. But it’s an awesome, exciting world you enter when you open a book, and there’s more to it than just letters on a page. Those letters describe life, and the characters (with a dash of imagination) are living between those covers.         


    Have you ever wondered if the lives of book characters go on even after you close the cover, like, they're living that same story and doing the same actions over and over all described using words?…
    Sweet! I think I have my next short story!
    Gotta go write so l8er,
    As always: read  write, ride !
P.S. today, lets make someone smile